It’s No Longer Safe For White People In Milwaukee, Reporter Claims

A former VICE reporter, who is no stranger to tumultuous protests, has decided to leave Milwaukee in the wake of recent riots in the city.

A well-known reporter who covered civil unrest, especially volatile Black Lives Matter protests in cities including Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, said he has decided to leave Milwaukee because it is no longer “safe.”

Tim Pool rose to prominence after covering incidents like Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, using live stream technology and aerial drones.  In his latest YouTube blog post, he explained the situation has gotten dangerous for white people in Milwaukee.

Pool, who is part Korean but looks white, says he ran into racial tension as soon as they started to cover the riots in  the city — a result of the slaying of Sylville Smith by the police.

The reporter says he saw a journalist being smacked on the head by a protester, who then tried to gang up others to the small media group. He also says he heard a pop and then saw police trying to extract a teenager from the crowd, who may have been shot in the neck. Pool says that was the moment he decided to leave the city.

Although the former VICE reporter believes most of the city remains peaceful, there are many people who are discontented and are encouraging violence, especially against Caucasians, as evidenced by their chants: “F*** white people!” and “white people suck.”

Residents concerned for his safety told him on social media, “You look white. You need to leave. It’s really too dangerous.”

Pool is not the only one to witness tension between Milwaukee residents and reporters.

BuzzFeed reporter Jim Dalrymple reported Monday he was chased by a group of men in a car as he was driving back to his hotel. An armed security guard had to eventually escort him from his car into the building.

Milwaukee is now preparing for a third night of possible violence. Mayor Tom Barrett has ordered police to enforce a 10 p.m. curfew for teenagers for the remainder of the week. He has also mobilized police patrols and the placed the National Guard on standby for possible emergencies.

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