Connecticut Republican Gropes Woman, Lawyer Calls It ‘Playful Gesture’

Christopher von Keyserling allegedly grabbed a female employee’s genitals after a brief political argument in a town facility.

Police in Greenwich, Connecticut, arrested a local Republican politician for allegedly pinching a female worker’s genitals after calling her a “bloodsucking lazy union employee.” The incident took place after the victim got in to a brief political argument with the 71-year-old official, according to the warrant.

Christopher von Keyserling, who was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor, has served on the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting board for over three decades. In December 2016, he encountered a 57-year-old female employee in the hallway of a town facility who reportedly asked von Keyserling to educate his fellow politicians about how this is “a new world politically.”

The politician allegedly responded, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

After exchanging a few harsh words, he followed the unnamed woman into her office and demanded to talk to her coworker. When the coworker refused to talk and left the room, the victim turned to do the same but von Keyserling “reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in the groin area.”

She reportedly warned she would punch him if touched her again, and he replied, “It would be your word against mine, and nobody will believe you.”

The woman’s claims are supported by surveillance footage from the building.

Moreover, the victim said she only decided to go forward with her complaint after she found out other female employees had experienced similar abuse and that he had been referring to it as “a joke.”  

Meanwhile, von Keyserling’s attorney seems to think it was just a “playful gesture” — despite the fact that grabbing someone’s genitals without their consent definitely constitutes sexual assault.

“In almost 30 years of practicing law in this town, I would say Mr. von Keyserling is the one person I would never suspect of having any inappropriate sexual predilections,” said his lawyer, Phil Russell. “There was a playful gesture, in front of witnesses. It was too trivial to be considered anything of significance. To call it a sexual assault is not based in reality.”

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