GOPer Darrell Issa Says It’s OK If Trump Lied, All Businessmen Do

“Well, if he’s proven to have not told the whole truth about the fact that campaigns look for dirt and that if someone offers it you listen to them, nobody is going to be surprised.”



Ever since the apparent flip from President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, Republicans have been trying, one way or another, to debunk information that Trump’s former “fixer” is providing.

Cohen recently released an audio tape, which he surreptitiously recorded, of a conversation with Trump about paying off hush money to former playboy model Karen McDougal, who allegedly had an affair with the president.

Trump’s former lawyer also said the president was aware of the infamous Trump Tower meeting, which was held with Russian officials in order to get dirt on then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — a claim the Trump administration has repeatedly denied.

While some Trump allies have tried to attack Cohen’s credibility, one Republican has possibly set the standard for how the GOP is generally going to react if it is proven that Trump indeed lied about his knowledge of the hush money payment and the Trump Tower meeting.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), on his interview at Fox News, said it would not matter if Trump is proven to be liar because all businessman lie.

“Well, if he’s proven to have not told the whole truth about the fact that campaigns look for dirt and that if someone offers it you listen to them, nobody is going to be surprised. There are some things in politics that you just take for granted,” Issa said, when asked, by host Neil Cavuto, of the impact of the allegations against the POTUS turn out to be true.

Issa was adamant the allegations, if proven true, will not have any long-standing impact because everyone is already aware of how businesses work.

During the interview, he also addressed the allegations, which are featured in the released audio tape that Trump, via Cohen, paid off to get a story, about his affair with McDougal, killed.

“Well, you know, businessmen listen to almost everyone that might be helpful. And by the way, they make pragmatic decisions about how to make bad stories go away,” Issa said.

“In business, a problem is something money won’t solve. If you’ve got somebody making an allegation, true or false, suing you for something true or false, you often make a pragmatic decision: make it go away and get back to the important things,” he added.

It may be preposterous to defend Trump he is proven to be continuously lying to the American people, however, coming from Issa, it is hardly a surprise.

The Republican’s amassed wealth has its own concerning origins.

The care security company that Issa claims to have “started,” actually came to be after a antagonistic takeover from its previous owners.

He was accused of hard-handling people involved in the business before he took over with intimidation and concealed threats of using firearms if they showed resistance.

In an attempt to remove an executive named Jack Frantz, Issa allegedly barged into the office with a box that held a gun.

"He just showed it to me and said 'You know what this is?' “Frantz said. He said it was “pure intimidation.”

A bigger scandal erupted after a suspicious fire burned through his manufacturing plant in 1982. The fire, which the authorities suspected was arson, was strategically placed in the only area of the plant which did not have fire suppressants. Moreover, the fire blazed mere weeks after Issa enhanced the value of the plant’s fire insurance.

So, for Issa to think it is okay for Trump to lie to get his way is not really a big deal.

While Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who called Cohen a “pathological liar,” tries to prove Trump’s former counsel is not to believed, Issa’s stance is much more dangerous — which asserts its is okay for the president to repeatedly lie to the public, all the while lashing at the media for posting fake stories. Such staunch support of the president, even if he is probed of wrongdoing, in the name of the Republican Party is extremely perilous — to blindly support Trump no matter the evidence, just to keep their party in power.

However, it seems Issa followed the same policy, not only for Trump, for himself too.

After berating former President Barack Obama for eight years, Issa, when faced with his toughest re-election in 2016, put the president’s face on his campaign poster.

And cue shock: he won that election.

Issa, however, has deemed reporting on his Fox News interview to be “Fake News.”



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