Joe Walsh Turns His Musket At Trump: ‘He’s Acting Like A Third-Grader’

The man who once threatened to grab a musket if Donald Trump doesn’t win the election is now bashing the president-elect over alleged Russian hacking.

Remember Joe Walsh, the former Republican congressman who said he would take up arms if Donald Trump didn’t win the election? Well, he is now publicly slamming the president-elect — the man he voted for — and his fellow Republicans over their lack of interest in investigating Russian election interference.

He even said the president-elect’s handling of the damning CIA assessment has been “almost treasonous.”

The former Illinois congressman and prominent conservative radio host made these comments during an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

“I’m outraged at the lack of outrage, especially on my side, the Republican side,” Walsh exclaimed. “I get that the country is divided, but my God: A foreign government interfered with our election. That should piss everybody off.”

The man who previously made headlines with his talk of “grabbing a musket” also ripped into the partisan reaction to the intelligence report, arguing there’s “no debate” that Russia attempted to influence the election in favor of Trump.

“It’s like because our guy won, Trump won, we’re going to keep our mouths shut. I mean that’s just so wrong,” Walsh continued. “And then for Donald Trump … to call it ridiculous and not believe it, he ought to be ashamed of himself.”

The former Trump crony also slammed Trump team’s statement on the CIA report.

“For Donald Trump to come out and attack our men and women in the CIA, that’s almost treasonous,” Walsh exclaimed. “Russia attacks us and Trump attacks the CIA. He ought to be the one calling for an investigation.”

He also agreed with ex-CIA director Michael Morell, who called Russian meddling “political equivalent of 9/11,” adding the billionaire business baron is “acting like a third-grader.”

“I don’t think he fully gets it, Brooke,” Walsh told Baldwin. “I mean we’re Americans! This is a foreign government got involved in our election. I mean, I agree with Mike Morell, that’s like Russia attacked us.”

The radio host also took to Twitter to blast his party and their candidate.



Watch Walsh’s interview with Brooke Baldwin in the video above.

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