GOP Lawmakers Are Avoiding Town Halls So They Don’t Get Yelled At

As town halls erupt in chaos across the country, some Republican members of Congress have decided to skip the meetings altogether.

It is a custom for members of congress to hold face-to-face meetings with their constituents once they return to their home districts for the congressional recess of the new session. These town halls usually present an excellent opportunity for the voters to discuss their grievances and for the lawmakers to strengthen their vote bank by responding to the public’s queries.

However, this time around, Republican lawmakers are receiving an unusual reception at town halls.

Constituents, frustrated over President Donald Trump’s divisive policies and particularly his plans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, are making their voices heard by taking a stand against their elected representatives.

For instance, a town hall audience began booing Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz before he could even start speaking while another constituent became national hero for scolding Sen. Mitch McConnell for lying about Trump’s promise to bring coal jobs back.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton had a similar fate.

Therefore, in order to avoid being humiliated like their peers, several Republican lawmakers have decided to avoid such meetings altogether.

However, the citizens continue to organize these town halls and invite their representatives.

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