GOPer Shares Fake Meme Of Ford To Suggest She Was Too Ugly To Rape

In the photo, a teenage girl is wearing braces and huge, tinted glasses. Lanny Lancaster captioned it with the words, “This is the alleged sexual assault victim. Wow.”


In yet another, perhaps the most vomit-inducing, example of the Republican Party’s penchant to mock sexual assault survivors, a North Carolina official posted a fake picture of Brett Kavanaugh’s first accuser.

When you start to think they can get no lower….

Cabarrus County chairman Lanny Lancaster posted a picture on his Facebook page which he claimed was a 1982 photo of Christine Blasey Ford — who alleged Kavanaugh tried to pull off her clothes and put a hand on her mouth to stop her screams at a party when she was just 15. In the photo, a teenage girl is wearing braces and huge, tinted glasses.

The photo is captioned with the words, “This is the alleged sexual assault victim. Wow.”

When questioned by The News & Observer, Lancaster confirmed his attempt was nothing more than to humiliate and victim-blame Ford.

“The media wants you to think she was a beautiful young lady who was on her way home from the tennis courts... ” Lancaster said. “I just wanted you to see the real person. I wanted people to see that this is really her.”

It is not, though.

The picture is a meme that has been circulating the internet since 2012. Members of 4chan, an anonymous imageboard that circulated memes and false information, claimed the picture was of Ford. Many others photos of Ford from her teenage years have also been circulating the net and bear next to no resemblance to this new picture. A member of Ford’s legal team also confirmed it is not her picture.

However, it seems Lancaster is more willing to believe a messageboard that became a target for a horde of controversies in recent years, rather than a reputable college professor. Moreover, he seems to imply that Ford was too ugly to be sexually assaulted as a teenager. In fact, he is echoing the same sentiments as President Donald Trump who once said infamously implied that his own accusers were not sufficiently beautiful for him to sexually assault by imploring his supporters to “take a look” at them.

“I didn’t say anything. I just said this is her picture. Basically, the media is distorting the facts on this lady. Everything she’s said is made up,” he said. “She has no evidence whatsoever. I support that theory.”

The picture was reportedly sent to North Carolina Democratic congressional candidate Frank McNeill by a concerned constituent and the candidate called it an “assault on the safety and dignity of American women,”

“Now, Republican attacks on Dr. Blasey-Ford are coming from inside our own 8th District. Cabarrus County Republican Chair, Lanny Lancaster, posted his nastiness on Facebook just last night!” McNeill said in his campaign newsletter. “Your contribution of $25 will help take our fight with anti-women incumbent Richard Hudson right back to Cabarrus County!”

Lancaster sniped back at McNeill’s comments saying, “Why would a potential congressman be concerned with what a Republican chairman thinks? He appears to be the type of person that will be a troublemaker. To me, him looking at my Facebook page is childish on his behalf. Is he going to be a childish congressman?”

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