Republican Executive Brings ‘Inauguration Jewelry’ For Clinton

A man, who is the executive director of North Carolina’s GOP, actually took a pair of handcuffs on a TV show. The election race is getting crazier by the day.



Donald Trump has threatened to jail Hillary Clinton several times if he's elected president.

So, it’s not really surprising to see his band of — mostly rowdy — supporters fetishizing Clinton’s imprisonment or, in worse cases, assassination or execution. For instance, last month in Iowa, an obviously pro-Trump parade float depicted Trump executing Clinton in electric chair. One Trump fan even suggested shooting the Democratic nominee. More recently, Trump rally-goers were found waving shooting targets with Clinton's face at the center of a bullseye.

One can expect such kind of outrageousness from a mob — but from a state Republican Party leader on national news? Not so much.

Unfortunately, the latter happened during an MSNBC interview when Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of North Carolina’s GOP, brought a pair of handcuffs to make a case for Clinton’s arrest on Inauguration Day.

“We don’t have a suppression vote problem in North Carolina. The Democrats have a depression problem,” Woodhouse said. “And you know why? It’s very simple. Their candidate, if elected, could have these on Inauguration Day.”

Of course, the news anchor, Hallie Jackson, was left astonished.

“Is this the kind of rhetoric you want to be seeing five days out from an election? You’re holding up handcuffs on our air here,” she asked.

But Woodhouse was not willing to be logical.

“Hillary Clinton inauguration jewelry,” he added.

It was an embarrassing sight, especially for Woodhouse’s brother Brad who is president of the pro-Clinton super PAC Correct the Record. He immediately took to Twitter to apologize to Jackson:



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