GOPer’s Own Siblings Endorse Democrat Challenger In Brutal Ads

"A family defends its honor. We've got to stand up for our good name, this is not who we are," said Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings in brutal campaign ads -- against him.



With elections just around the corner, there appears to be no shortage of controversial political ad campaigns, but one spot, targeting an Arizona congressman, took the cake.

A recently released series of campaign ads featured six unfamiliar faces who lambasted Republican Rep. Paul Gosar over Social Security, health care, water policy and more while urging Arizona residents to vote him out.

As it turned out, all six of them were none other than Gosar’s own siblings, David, Gaston, Grace, Jennifer, Joan and Tim, who are all endorsing their brother’s opponent, David Brill, an Arizona Democrat.

“None of us are doing this for publicity,” David Gosar told the Phoenix New Times. “None of us even want to do it.”

Gosar, a staunch conservative and supporter of President Donald Trump, has a long history of controversial remarks and actions.

Just last year, he endorsed the conspiracy theory that the white supremacists' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was a plot by the left financed by Democratic megadonor George Soros, who Gosar said "turned in his own people to the Nazis."

Gosar also reportedly shares the commander-in-chief’s anti-immigrant sentiment and once called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Capitol Police to arrest “Dreamers," who were the guests of several lawmakers at the State of the Union. He has also his voiced his support for the border wall along the southern border and suggested that the Army should build it.

However, the stunning ad campaign made it very clear that Gosar’s siblings don’t share his political views whatsoever.

In one ad titled "A family defends its honor," Gosar's brother David said: "We've got to stand up for our good name, this is not who we are."

In another video, Gosar's sister, Grace, said, "It would be difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist."

"If he actually cared about people in rural Arizona, I bet he'd be fighting for Social Security, for better access to health care. I bet he'd be researching what is the most insightful water policy to help the environment of Arizona sustain itself and be successful," said another sister, Jennifer. 

The sharply personal defiance coming from within the family is bound to garner widespread attention for Brill’s campaign and might subsequently affect Gosar’s vote bank.

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