All The Hilarious Terms Republicans Use To Describe Donald Trump

Some of the best things to come out of this election campaign season are the different ways Donald Trump is described by his own party members.

Donald Trump, the foul-mouthed Republican presidential front-runner, remains one of the most-hated Republicans by Republicans in the history of the Republican Party.

Just last week, two of Trump’s former rivals, Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush, made it very clear they not only wouldn't endorse him but they wouldn't even vote for him in November. Later, Ted Cruz also refused to back the boorish billionaire as the Republican nominee.

There is an entire list of reasons why the GOP hates its presumptive presidential nominee, however, most of the blame lies on Trump himself for literally insulting his way to the top.

“Lyin’ Ted,” “Little Marco,” and “ugly” Rand Paul are just a few of the many names Trump has given his fellow Republicans over the past several months. Obviously, the name-calling hasn’t helped him make any friends.

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However, not all Republicans sat back and listened quietly to the vitriol Trump spewed. There were some who resisted.

Despite this year’s election campaign season being one of the most frustrating in the history of the country, it has, undoubtedly, been one of the most entertaining.

And the best parts, of course, were the ones where Trump was called names instead by GOP folks. Carly Fiorina, for instance, once referred to him as “the Kim Kardashian of politics.”

Have a look at the most hilarious descriptions of Trump in the video above.

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