Republican Congressman Shows Off Loaded Gun While Meeting Constituents

"I'm not going to be a Gabby Giffords," Ralph Norman said in an offensive rant.

In a climate ruled by fear, when students have to beg an indifferent government to regulate the sale of the weapons that could kill them, a Republican representative thought the best way to calm rattled parents was to show off his loaded gun.

Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican from South Carolina, was meeting concerned constituents at a diner on Friday. During the meeting, he reportedly pulled out his .38 Smith & Wesson handgun and casually put it on the table for a few minutes.

The reason for this reassuring gesture: To make the point that, as many NRA T-shirts say, people kill people, not guns.

In a country whose citizens have been exhausted by the state’s love for firearms, Norman admitted he was “tired of the guns being blamed.”

Volunteers for the South Carolina chapter of a gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense reported that Norman argued his constituents should feel safer with him carrying a gun.

Norman apparently believes it make other people around him feel safe.

“If someone walks into this restaurant shooting,” Norman said he told the constituents, “I’m going to shoot him. I’m going to protect you and everybody else in here.”

The Republican failed in putting his point across.

“Rep. Norman’s behavior today was a far cry from what responsible gun ownership looks like. I had looked forward to a respectful dialogue with my representative about common-sense gun violence prevention policies,” said Lori Freemon, volunteer with the South Carolina chapter of Moms Demand Action for gun Sense in America. “Instead, I felt unsafe when he insisted on showing us his loaded gun and keeping it out on the table for much of our conversation.”

After missing his chance to actually have an open, honest dialogue with his constituents regarding his own toxic gun views, Norman decided to belittle an assassination attempt.

When questioned about the completely unnecessary gesture, Norman defensively said, "I’m not going to be a Gabby Giffords."

Giffords, a former Arizona Democratic congresswoman, was shot during a meeting with constituents in 2011. Six people died and 19 were shot during the attack. 

Mark Kelly, Giffords’ husband and a former astronaut, reminded Norman that he could never be Gabby.



Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake blasted for Norman’s insensitive remarks on Twitter.



Meanwhile, people on Twitter slammed the Republican for pulling out a gun at the meeting and making insensitive remarks about Giffords.









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