This Republican Used The Same Wife-Beating Joke At 2 Town Halls

Republican Rep. Tim Walberg used a joke about beating his wife twice in a night, while avoiding answering pertinent questions at different town halls.

Republican Rep. Tim Walberg thinks it is funny to promote domestic violence. He used the same awful joke about beating his wife when constituents asked him some pertinent questions at two town hall events for his constituents in Michigan’s 7th District.

The first town hall was held in Dexter. When a constituent asked Walberg about Medicare he made a disgraceful joke about beating his wife.

“You have shown with your votes — and I should say we have many variations on this one — you have shown with your votes and your comments that you want to cut Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. Which one do you want to cut the most?” he asked

“And when did I stop beating my wife? Is that the next question?” was Walberg's outrageous response.

What is even more ironic is the fact that Walberg chose to use the phrase as a response to a question about cutting programs like Medicaid, which actually offers benefits to real (non-joke) victims of domestic violence.

But Walberg wasn’t just going to stop at one town hall.

In another town hall held in Delta Township, a constituent asked, “Do you believe in the scientific method as the avenue for deciding what is true about the natural world? If yes, how do you reconcile that with your skepticism of global warming due primarily to industrial activity that began in the 19th century. If no, do you think we should drop science courses — physics, chemistry, biology — from high school curriculum?”

“That’s probably the most comprehensive question I’ve ever heard in my life,” Walberg responded, “other than ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’”

Walberg communications director Dan Kotman told The Daily Beast that his boss was being quoted out of context. “This is incredibly absurd and a distortion of what happened. It wasn’t a joke. The congressman was asked a loaded question, and he responded with an age old example of a loaded question to point out the absurdity of the original question. Anybody who knows the congressman and his wife know they have been happily married for 43 years.”

However, the questions asked were neither absurd nor unjustified. Walberg's response was.

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