Republican SCOTUS Nominee Or Not, GOP Isn’t Budging

Republican senators quickly shut down the notion that they won't block a republican Supreme Court nominee by claiming "it's not about the person."

Reports surfaced Wednesday that Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who previously served on the federal bench, is being considered as a possible replacement for deceased Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

Upon receiving unanimous Senate confirmation, Sandoval served on the Nevada district court from 2005 to 2009. He is considered a “moderate” as he has a bipartisan political history.

However, Sandoval is very different from the liberal names that have been dropped since Obama announced that he will nominate Scalia’s successor, such as Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Indian-American circuit judge Sri Srinivasan.

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It was suggested that Sandoval has been thrown into the mix because he could be the only nominee that the obstructionist GOP wouldn’t block.

However, that theory was quickly shut down by a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who said, “The Leader didn't say the Senate would act 'if' it was a certain type of nominee.”

The spokesman’s statements imply that it doesn’t matter who President Barack Obama tries to nominate, conservative or otherwise; they plan to block no matter what.

Senator John Cornyn also shared the same sentiments as he reportedly told Politico that his stance on blocking a nomination has not wavered. Senator Deb Fischer proclaimed, “It’s not about the person.”

Fischer’s statement is not entirely true though, because while it may not be about the nominee, it is certainly about Obama.

Republicans have been hell-bent on undermining Obama since he took office seven years ago. No other modern-day president — not even George W. Bush who ran the U.S. economy to the ground — has faced as many obstacles from the opposing political party as Obama has from Republicans.

While some members of the GOP are standing firm in their plans to reject any nominee, there are other Republican senators up for re-election who need to remain in the American voters good graces. Being branded as an obstructionist isn’t really the best way to go into an election.

No one knows what Obama will decide, but it’s safe to say that any strategic maneuvers he may have been trying to make with Sandoval have already been thwarted. 

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