Republican Senators Don’t Want To Talk About Sexual Assault

“This is three women of color trying to talk to him. He saw a white man and instantly shook his hand. That felt pretty hurtful.”


Republican leaders have a history of siding with alleged rapists and now they have come forward to defend Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, who is accused of sexually assaulting three women.

In yet another disturbing display of how Republican Senators couldn’t care less about sexual assault victims, three prominent senators, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. David Perdue and Sen. Bob Corker, were approached by three African-American female activists.

The activists asked them about sexual assault victims and the allegations against Kavanaugh, but none of them bothered addressing the issue.

It all started when the activists approached the Republicans at an airport in Washington, D.C. When one of the woman asked McConnell if he believed the sexual assault survivors, instead of answering such a pertinent question McConnell decided to walk away. The women kept trying to engage with him but he kept ignoring them.

“We would like to know if you believe survivors of sexual violence?” asked Naina Khanna, the executive director of Positive Women’s Network USA. “Sen. McConnell, do you always turn your back on women like this?” Khanna asked as the senator.

He didn’t reply.

But Khanna followed him all the way till outside the terminal “Sen. McConnell, will you support a full FBI investigation?” she asked.

He still didn’t reply and walked towards his car before finally sitting in it.

Although McConnell did stop and shook hands with another man, he did not respond to even one of the questions posed by the women.

“It is really telling that you shook the hand of a man while a woman is trying to tell you her story,” Tracey Corder, the racial justice campaign director at the Center for Popular Democracy, said to McConnell.

 “We walked up to him respectfully. We really wanted to ask him about his vote and how he felt,” said Corder. “This is three women of color trying to talk to him. He saw a white man and instantly shook his hand. That felt pretty hurtful,” she lamented.  

“If we can’t get someone from their office to answer questions,” Corder said, “we’re going to go somewhere we can find them” she added explaining, that they were questioning the senators who haven’t yet decided on Kavanaugh or made their position on his hiring clear.

The second person to show his insensitive side was Perdue.


“How can you ignore women who have been assaulted?” the activists asked Perdue.

But he didn’t respond and on top of this behaviors when Isela Blanc, a Democratic state representative from Arizona, introduced herself to him and tried to shake his hand, Perdue said, “Don’t touch me.”

As the women kept inquiring Perdue about his stance on the matter, he became really frustrated, and went into the men’s room, where the women couldn’t follow him.

Then it was Corker who was questioned. He was asked if he supported a full FBI investigation. The senator somewhat answered the activists but by the end, made really disturbing comments.

“What do you have to say to your constituents who suffer from sexual violence?” asked Jasmine Henderson, a member of the Women’s March of Ohio. “My heart goes out to anybody who’s been affected,” Corker said.

While his response was acceptable, what he said while leaving the airport wasn’t.

“I know this is enjoyable to y’all,” Corker said to the two women who were questioning him, before saying “Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”

For a victim to speak up and let the world know about her horrific ordeal of sexual assault is not easy. But most of the people in the Republican Party seem to blame the victims for making up stories without any evidence. Before Christine Blasey Ford’s emotional testimony, President Donald Trump ignored the glaring allegations against his nominee, claiming the victims were played out by the Democrats to “delay and obstruct” the judge’s confirmation.

Kavanaugh’s future on the Supreme Court is in a very messed up situation, and he is the only one to be held responsible for it. However, America shows a gloomy picture of women who come out and share their stories of harassment, especially after Trump himself managed to become the president of the country — despite the fact a leaked audio recording revealed how he bragged about grabbing women by their genitals.


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