Residents Leave Note Criticizing Ambulance For Blocking Their Driveway

The East Midlands Ambulance Service took to social media to ask people to speak with paramedics directly if they are being hindered by emergency vehicles.

A Leicester, England, resident left an incredibly rude note on an ambulance that was blocking their driveway.

According to Metro, after the paramedics finished tending to a seriously ill patient, they returned to their vehicle to find the letter with a tactless message written in red ink.

“You blocked my driveway I waited 45 mins for you to move. Please have some consideration where you park the ambulance! This is not the first time,” the note read.

While the resident’s frustration may have been warranted, they handled the issue very poorly.

As a result, the East Midlands Ambulance Service took to social media to ask people to speak with the ambulance staff directly if they are being hindered by emergency vehicles as opposed to leaving notes that will most likely not even be seen until they finish taking care of patients.

“It is so disappointing to see that a rude note has yet again been left on one of our ambulances,” said Lee Brentnall, paramedic and ambulance operations manager for Leicestershire. “This upsets our dedicated ambulance crews when they are trying to help our patients and do their job.”

He added: “Leaving a note will not resolve the situation as we are unlikely to see it until we are leaving in the ambulance to take the patient to hospital or to go to our next job.”

Although Brentnall urged people to politely confront ambulance crews if they need to leave and an ambulance is blocking them from doing so, he also noted that they may not be able to immediately oblige as they could be handling a life or death situation.

“Our crews are approachable,” he said. “If you genuinely need to leave your house urgently and we are blocking your access, please come and knock on the door where the emergency is taking place.”

He continued: “Sometimes we will be able to move the vehicle, for example if we are treating a patient but they do not need both of us there at the time. However, there will be times that we are treating someone experiencing a life-threatening and time-critical emergency and moving our ambulance will not be our priority. In these cases, you will need to be patient as we try to save someone’s life.”

After Brentnall’s message was posted to the official East Midlands Ambulance Service Twitter account, an influx of responses came in with people mostly expressing their support for the ambulance crew and criticizing the impatient and apathetic resident who left the note.

It’s selfish and insensitive people like the author(s) of the anonymous note who display the worst of humanity. It is incredibly ironic that they would chastise the ambulance crew for being inconsiderate, meanwhile, they weren't considering the patient in need of help.

Emergency responders are, quite literally, everyday heroes, and people should be more understanding of the minor inconveniences they may have to endure for medical personnel to do their jobs.

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