Residents Successfully Get Apartment Buildings To ‘Dump Trump’s Name’

Residents petitioned the landlords of three luxury apartment complexes to separate from Donald Trump’s brand by removing his name from their buildings.

Amid the chaotic state that America has been in since Donald Trump was elected president, many Americans have found their own ways to take a stand against Trump’s presidency and his divisive rhetoric.

In Manhattan, three apartment complexes are removing Trump’s name from their buildings following complaints from residents who don’t want his name emblazoned on the front of their homes.

The buildings will be renamed after their street addresses to eliminate the connection to Trump, Uproxx reports. 

The requests for changing the names of these buildings began in the weeks before Election Day when residents decided they didn’t want to live under Trump’s controversial brand.

The residents banded together and began petitioning their landlords to change the property’s name. The “dump the Trump name” petition reportedly garnered approximately 600 signatures.

“Trump’s appalling treatment of women, his history of racism, his attacks on immigrants, his mockery of the disabled, his tax avoidance, his outright lying — all are antithetical to the values we and our families believe in,” the petition read.

The company that owns the buildings, Equity Residential, listened to the people (unlike the Electoral College) and agreed to part ways with the Trump brand.

“We are assuming a more neutral building identity that will appeal to all current and future residents,” said Marty McKenna, a spokesperson for Equity Residential.

Considering that Trump is about to be one of the most powerful people in the world come inauguration day, he is likely to be unfazed by these efforts.

However, the simple point  that civilians and businesses are going out of their way to separate themselves from the Trump brand speaks volumes and serves as a constant reminder to the president-elect that he is not favored among the American people, regardless of the fact that he won the election. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @seattletimes

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