Response To Gun Crisis In Trump's America: More Guns

To conservatives, the solution to America's gun crisis is guns. The right wing absurdly believes arming themselves to the teeth will save lives.

Participants hold placards with the names of victims of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, during a candlelight vigil at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S. February 16, 2018. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

In the day following the devastating mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump addressed the nation. Yet in his speech, one crucial item was missing: the word "gun."

Instead of calling for tighter gun control policies, Trump vowed to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health,” without specifying any particular plan or agenda.

And while the media critiqued this intentional exclusion, the president’s fan base ate up the gun lobby’s propaganda as they proclaimed on Twitter the core of the mass shooting epidemic is mental health — not lax gun laws. 




Presumably, Trump supporters are either oblivious to Trump’s selective amnesia when it comes to mass shootings, or they are just as hypocritical as he is.

In November, after a man rammed his car into a crowd in New York City and killed eight people, Trump immediately politicized the tragedy and called for immigration reform.

This man is a Muslim immigrant.

Yet with Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooting suspect, Trump immediately pinned the issue on mental health.

Cruz is a white male who possibly supports the president.

And this discriminatory response happens over and over again

To Trump and his supporters, when the terrorist isn’t white, banning people — whole races and religions — makes sense. Yet when the shooter is white, the idea of banning guns (or even white supremacists) doesn’t cross their minds.

Instead to conservatives, the solution to American’s gun crisis, is, ironically and ludicrously, guns. The right wing of the United States absurdly believes arming themselves to the teeth will save lives.








Yet this logic is clearly flawed as countless studies have determined that the “good guy with a gun” narrative ultimately fails. 

In fact, research has shown that areas with looser "right to carry" gun laws experience greater crime. And the U.S., the country with the most guns, also has the highest number of mass shootings in the world

“If more guns made America safer, we’d be an awfully safe place,” University of California Los Angeles law professor Adam Winkler articulated to NBC News.

As the collective consciousness of the American public reflects on yet another mass shooting, gun rights advocates will call for more guns, but what America needs right now is the opposite. 

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