Restaurant Known For Pro-Immigrant Stance Vandalized With Feces

After a restaurant put up a sign vowing to be a sanctuary to both immigrants and refugees, someone defaced the property with feces.

In Oakland, California, a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food and is very open about its support for immigrants got attention it wasn't expecting when an irrational individual vandalized the building with feces.

Ba-Bite, which is located in downtown Oakland, was smeared with feces.

When an employee arrived to work Tuesday, he said he couldn't believe his eyes.

“It was just disgusting,” Leemor Benny told CBS. “It was just everywhere and it just reeked and was foul.”

The restaurant's owner, Robert Gott, said he thinks that the act of vandalism had something to do with a sign he posted recently announcing that the restaurant proudly supports immigrants and refugees.

“Someone smeared feces on our door, exactly where we have a sign saying we are a sanctuary restaurant,” he told reporters.

“I want this to be a safe place for my staff and for myself and for my customers and this kind of instance takes away that sense of security,” Gott continued.

But if the attack has anything to do with the restaurant's pro-immigrant stance, would their security also be in jeopardy? Hopefully not, as the vandals were cowards, attacking when nobody was present.

According to Gott's wife and co-owner, Mica Talmor, "Ba-Bite" actually means home in Hebrew, which is how they see the business and those who are part of it.

“It’s a great disappointment that that kind of thing still happens and it’s clearly wrong,” customer Theron Dyble said of the entire ordeal.

Despite the horrific attack, Ba-Bite employees say they will not be intimidated. Hopefully, neither will customers, who shouldn't let this attack keep them away from their favorite Oakland restaurant. After all, it's when acts of hate take place that people must come closer together so these attacks do not weaken the community.

After the ordeal, Gott filed a police report with the Oakland Police Department and has since contacted U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee's office.

“If this happens here in Oakland," Gott said, "I can’t even imagine what it’s like in other places in the U.S. or other places that aren’t as progressive as the Bay Area.”

Now, Ba-Bite's staff say their sign will remain posted despite the vandalism. If anything, Benny told reporters, the sign will get even bigger.

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