Restaurant Owner Forced To Fly Confederate Flag Over His Property

“That flag needs to be moved and if there's any possible way that I can do it, it's going to be done," said South Carolina ice cream shop owner Tommy Daras.

A South Carolina legal battle over a Confederate flag is about to ensue.

One of the racist flags flies over Edisto River Creamery located in Orangeburg, creating trouble for the ice cream shop's owner, Tommy Daras, ABC News reports.

“That flag needs to be moved and if there's any possible way that I can do it, it's going to be done. Right now, we're grid locked," Daras said.

Why can’t he simply remove a flag from his own property? Well, because he doesn’t own the small piece of land that the flag post sits on.

The building was previously owned by the late Maurice Bessinger who strongly supported the confederacy and defended segregation. After he passed away in 2014, Daras and his wife purchased the building from Bessinger’s children, with the exception of approximately three-thousandths of an acre where the flag is located.

Bessinger sold the small plot of land for $5 to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 842 before he died to make sure the flag would always remain on the property.

Daras didn’t have an issue with the flag's presence until the 2015 Charleston church shooting took place shortly after his grand opening. Using the Confederate flag as a symbol of his hate, white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine black churchgoers for the sake of starting a race war.

"From that day forward, all hell broke loose for me. My windows were broken out, my phone was ringing off the hook, my employees were harassed. I was fist-fighting with people in the parking lot. Everyone in town assumed it was my property because it looks like it's attached to this building," Daras explained to local reporters.

Daras has hired a lawyer to get the flag removed; however, the Sons of Confederate Veterans maintain that they are prepared to fight in court to honor Bessinger and keep the controversial flag right where it is.  

No mistake about it, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and a constant reminder of America's ugly history. The fact that it is still being proudly defended and displayed speaks volumes about just how far this country has (or hasn't) come since the Jim Crow era

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