Customer Refuses To Revisit Restaurant Because Its Owner Is Mexican

“We never have had any issue because we have had growth, we have more businesses now.”

Hate speech and crimes have spiked since President Donald Trump’s election win. It seems like no one is safe, not even restaurateurs who just want to provide a good meal to diners.

A restaurant owner in Texas received a racist message from one of his customers.

Fernando Franco, who is a Mexican-born owner of an Italian restaurant, Di Frabo, in San Antonio, Texas, said a couple left a very racist message after dining there.

The message read, “The food was tasty, and the service attentive. However the owner is Mexican. We will not return. America first.”


Franco and his staffers were concerned and disappointed after they received the message.

“Something like this is a slap in the face. I was born in Mexico City. We never have had any issue because we have had growth we have more businesses now,” added Franco.

Saddened by the recent racist incident, the business owner believes the hateful message was a result of Trump’s presidential campaign. 

“I told my staff the good thing is that they said that the food was tasty and the service was attentive so I guess that’s a good thing. We're just going to keep working and I think most of the people are not like this,” he said.

Franco opened the Italian restaurant back in 2014. He added that he plans to keep the receipt as a reminder of how far the U.S. still has to go in terms of racism.

Soon after the copy of the receipt made rounds on social media, tweeters came out in support of the business owner:




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