Restaurant Owner Tells Student: ‘I Don’t Need You N***ers’ Money’

“Trump’s president now, so I can say what I want,” a restaurant owner reportedly told a black Pennsylvania college student after calling him the N-word.

A Pennsylvania restaurant owner is, apparently, one of the many racists emboldened by President Donald Trump’s bigoted rhetoric.

Lebanon Valley College (LVC) student Rickey Lee Bugg Jr. said he was eating at the Just Wing It restaurant in Annville, Pennsylvania, with a friend when the owner came out and berated them with racial slurs and kicked them out.

“I own three restaurants, and I don’t need you n***ers’ money,” he purportedly said.

Bugg requested his money back before obliging the owner’s request, and the waitress promptly refunded his meal. Before the students could exit the establishment, the owner confronted them once again, The Root reports.

Bugg said at that point he got upset, which is understandable, considering the appalling, inflammatory remarks directed at him.

“I flipped a few chairs,” he said. He also admitted that he yelled at the owner, “That’s not the way to treat people!”

“Trump’s president now, so I can say what I want,” the owner quipped back at Bugg.

This incident was not the first time Bugg had eaten at Just Wing It, but he said he never encountered the manager during any of his previous visits.

“We weren’t being loud; we were just sitting there, watching TV,” Bugg recounted.

Bugg and his friend reported the incident to police and to their school, although the restaurant is off campus. Molly O’Brien-Foelsch, spokesperson for LVC, said both students have “cooperated fully with the police” and she noted that a full investigation is underway.

“LVC rejects all hatred and bias. Racist attitudes in no way reflect the culture of our campus,” O’Brien-Foelsch said. “The campus community, trustees, public, and township and community leaders have been given updates, and the college is partnering with them to identify ways to strengthen the community.”

Unfortunately, these clashes have been occurring more frequently throughout the nation as race relations in the United States have drastically regressed. This is mostly due to the resurgence of white nationalism thanks to Trump and the racist presidential campaign he ran and won.

If you thought that eight years of President Barack Obama was a sign we were living in a post-racial society, bigoted Americans — like this restaurant owner — are here to prove you wrong one racial slur at a time. 

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