Restaurant Revokes Man’s Employment After Learning He’s Black

The Italian restaurant manager defended his decision to reject 29-year-old Paolo Grottanelli by claiming, “in Romagna, many people have a backward mindset."

With instances of racism constantly coming to light that are starkly reminiscent of the Jim Crow Era, it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s 2017.

One such ordeal involves an Italian black man with fair skin who was barred from starting his new job at an Italian restaurant once management learned of his race.

Paolo Grottanelli, 29, was prepared to begin working as a waiter in Cervia, Italy, for the summer; however, when he sent his employer his new hire paperwork that included his government ID, his employment was immediately revoked, Blavity reports.

The manager contacted Grottanelli via text and apologetically explained, “I'm sorry Paolo, but I can't put colored guys in the dining area."

"In Romagna, many people have a backward mindset,” the manager continued. “Sorry, but I can't make you travel down. Bye."

Grottanelli said he was in disbelief upon receiving the texts. He said he read back over them so many times that he eventually started to cry before becoming angry.

“I wanted to call the hotelier and tell him what I thought about this violation of human rights,” he reportedly said.

Instead of unleashing his rage on the hotelier, Grottanelli sought the help of the Filcams Cgil tourism industry union and the Ascom hotel association to take legal action against the racist restaurant that denied him.

“It's racism," a Filcams Cgil spokesperson reportedly said, "The financial damage caused by losing out on the seasonal job is compounded by the humiliation and profound injustice of which Paolo is a victim."

Reports do not name the restaurant where this incident transpired, but the establishment should be revealed to expose them for following such outdated, blatantly racist policies. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Florian Plag

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