Restaurant Owner Changes Pay Day To Keep Staff From Getting ‘Drunk’

After the owner changed the date of pay, a restaurant's staff has gone nearly six weeks without receiving pay checks and is unable to contact the owner.

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NYC Bar and Grill owner Lee Edwards is being accused by his restaurant staff of not paying them for nearly six weeks due to his decision to change the pay day. 

Apparently, his bizarre reason for changing his employees' date of pay was so they wouldn't go out and get drunk on a weekend. 

Edwards, who also owns restaurants in various other locations, has begun to sell some of the locations and has informed the staff at one of them that it is being sold as well, although he assured them that their jobs would remain intact. 

However, members of this restaurant's staff claim that they have not received pay for nearly six weeks and are due eight weeks of pay come Feb. 16. 

One worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stepped forward to say that the situation has become so bad that many of the workers have been unable to afford their bills.

"I started in June and there were no issues up until recently," the anonymous employee said. "A couple of people have said they were always underpaid, and sometimes some would get paid and others wouldn't, but the pay issue is getting more frequent."

The worker also claimed that although many of the workers have attempted to make contact with Edwards, he's almost impossible to talk to.

"Her first pay check came through in December, and that was wrong and they said they were changing the pay day so she had a short month," said Greg Darvell, whose wife, Amy, was an assistant manager at the restaurant from October to the end of December 2017. "There are a few things not making sense. When she left, she was waiting on £900 ($1,256.47), which should have come in on Wednesday, but they all seem to be blasé about it."

Amy Darvell also supported the claim that Edwards is "uncontactable" and that his wife worked Christmas for free.

Some of the workers have stated that they are in contact with a government-funded union in the hopes that they will be able to rectify the situation but have yet to hear from Edwards and remain waiting. 

Although Edwards has reassured the employees that their jobs are secure, reassurance in this situation is just simply not enough. When your employees are struggling to pay bills and are relying on you to come through for them, communication is very important. 

To change your employee's pay date so they won't use the money to spend on alcohol is not an employer's job. It is their money, and it is not the role of a boss to dictate how they use it. 

Furthermore, to let staff members go weeks without knowing when they will receive payment is just simply unacceptable of a business owner. Hopefully these employees receive the overdue payment they're owed. 

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