Retired NYPD Cop Claims Boss Beat Her—Now She's Suing For $100M

A retired NYPD officer claims that her former chief engaged in a romantic affair with her during which time he allegedly physically abused her.

A retired NYPD police officer filed a $100 million lawsuit against the city over claims that the police chief beat her during their seven year affair. 

Officer Tabatha Foster reportedly engaged in a romantic relationship with Chief Jeffrey Maddrey for nearly a decade.“I felt safe until he started hitting me,” she said of the affair. 

Foster is seeking such a large sum of money as compensation for “emotional and physical damages” purportedly inflicted by Maddrey.

Foster detailed one brutal encounter in Tudor Park: “I was so mad, I actually pulled my gun on him and literally had him at gunpoint,” she told reporters. “He said, ‘Don’t shoot! Put the gun down!’"

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“I put the gun down and my a** got beat for real. He choked me up. He threw me from side to side like I was a rag doll.”

Maddrey denies Foster’s claims. The New York Daily News reports that he believes she is just trying to sell a story in an effort to advance her aspiring singing career. He also claims he was harassed by Foster after declining her advances.

Roy Richter, president of the Captains Endowment Association, said Maddrey plans to countersue.

“The chief has years of records that document unwelcome contact from this woman,” Richter said. “He is currently pursuing legal recourse to bring this harassment to an end.”

Foster retired from the NYPD last August following a stroke, but she claims she’s speaking out now because she wants people to know the truth about the chief.

According to court documents, Foster endured childhood sexual abuse that led to posttraumatic stress disorder which Maddrey allegedly took advantage of.

“Under no circumstances could anyone construe this relationship as consensual,” said Foster’s lawyer, Eric Sanders. “He took advantage of her like a predator who preys on a person’s weaknesses.”

Foster’s case against the city is ongoing, but it seems the chief intends to work diligently to discredit his accuser’s claims.

Whether or not Foster is telling the truth, this case is an example of how people in positions of power can use their status to their advantage.

In a tug of war between his word and hers, he is the respected figure who can get others to rally behind him by heading a smear campaign against Foster. 

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