Reuters Editor, Fired Over Harassment Claims, Landed Job At Newsweek

Dayan Candappa was fired from Reuters after a senior reporter accused him of sexual harassment. He then got an even better job at Newsweek.

In yet another example of how sexual predators remain largely unaffected even when their deeds are brought to light, a high-ranking senior editor who was fired for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances toward a female subordinate landed an even better job at another publication.

Dayan Candappa, Reuters’ former editor for the Americas who had also served as global editor-in-chief of the International Business Times, became chief content officer for the Newsweek Media Group just months after Reuters dismissed him over sexual harassment claims, according to BuzzFeed News.

He has now been placed on leave.

“Based on allegations raised today on BuzzFeed News, Newsweek Media Group has put chief content officer Dayan Candappa on leave while the company conducts an independent investigation," Newsweek said in a statement.

Candappa reportedly pursued a senior reporter for over 10 months, during which he repeatedly pressured her to meet him outside of work, sent her inappropriate messages, called her on her personal phone and threatened that “it would not be good” for her if she did not return his interest.

According to the complaint filed by the unidentified female employee, Candappa was married at the time. The woman, afraid of retaliation from her boss, tried to stay friendly at first. However, when the editor did not seem to stop, she reportedly told him to cut all non-work related communication with her. Apparently, shortly after that incident, she suddenly started getting bad performance reviews.

The matter then went to Reuters’ HR and Candappa was ultimately fired in February 2016.

“We don’t discuss individual employment matters,” Reuters representative Abbe Serphos told HuffPost in an email. “We have a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment and respond quickly and decisively to complaints. As a general rule, we work to protect the privacy of an employee who complains of harassment if that is the employee’s preference.”

However, none of that stopped Newsweek from hiring Candappa.

Claudia Parsons, the company’s international news editor at the time, told BuzzFeed she was concerned about the circumstances surrounding Candappa’s departure from Reuters. However, then Editor-in-chief Jim Impoco told her their new hire had been cleared by the upper management.

“Newsweek Media Group conducts rigorous pre-employment checks on its employees,” the company said in a statement. “These checks were completed when we hired Mr. Candappa to the role of global editor-in-chief of the International Business Times in 2016. Our company has a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment. We will treat any report seriously and if necessary take appropriate action.”

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