Tillerson Thanked Everyone But Trump In His Farewell Speech

Tillerson thanked all the government officials he has worked with and the American people bar one, President Donald Trump.



State Secretary Rex Tillerson thanked many people in his farewell speech bar one, the president of the United States.

After Tillerson was fired over Twitter by Donald Trump over “disagreements,” the former Exxon chief mentioned his accomplishment and thanked the American people in a brief speech but never once he mentioned Trump’s name.

In fact, the only instance that he mentioned the president’s name was when asked about how he came to know of his termination. Tillerson replied that Trump called him from Air Force One hours after the tweet had gone out.

However, without mentioning his name, he did throw shade at the commander-in-chief at various instances when he talked about “treating each other with honesty and integrity” and the importance of allies and partners as a supposed dig on Trump initiated trade war that has upset more than a few allies.

State secretary, who never fully denied allegedly calling Trump a “moron,” was reportedly ousted due to Trump’s concerns over his loyalty and almost immediately after he contradicted the White House by conceding that Russia was behind the poisoning of the Russian double agent in the UK.

In his brief speech, Tillerson— now exempted from administration— called out Russia again.

“Much work remains to respond to the troubling behavior and actions on the part of the Russian government. Russia must assess carefully as to how their actions are in the best interests of the Russian people and the world more broadly,” he said.

He also made a point to remind his colleague to honor the oath they took to defend and support the constitution, snubbing the president.

The state secretary lauded his colleagues at the state department, “The world needs selfless leaders like these, ready to work with long-standing allies, new emerging partners and allies, who now, many are struggling as democracies and in some cases, are dealing with human tragedy, crisis of natural disasters, literally crawling themselves out of those circumstances.”

He also bragged about the state department and US military agreeing on the fact that “US leadership works on diplomacy” in another alleged dig at Trump’s usual way of calling out various states and communities openly.

Tillerson closed his speech by thanking all government officials “for the privilege of serving beside” them for the last 14 month. To Americans for their “devotion to a free and open society… to honesty and the hard you do to support this government with your tax dollars.”

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: Reuters, Yuri Gripas

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