Rice: Iraq May Have Been Different If Donald Rumsfeld ‘Did His Job’

Condoleezza Rice’s private emails to Colin Powell about how things could have been different in Iraq have been exposed as a result of the DCLeaks hack.

condoleezza rice and colin powell

Thanks to recent hacks and leaks, political secrets are coming to light left and right. By Wednesday morning, the world had access to former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s emails.

In addition to revealing that Powell called Donald Trump a “national disgrace,” we also now know Condoleezza Rice’s criticisms of Bush administration Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

According to BuzzfeedDCLeaks which allegedly has ties to Russian intelligence services — is responsible for exposing Powell’s correspondences. 

This is the second time in just a few short months that Russia has been connected to a government hacking scandal, which reinforces speculations that the Russian government is attempting to influence the United States presidential election.

During the 2015 email exchange, Rice and Powell discussed the fact that journalist Bob Woodward disputed Rumsfeld’s claims that he had always questioned creating a democracy in Iraq.

Powell sent Rice a link to Woodward’s comments, to which she replied:

“First, we didn’t invade Iraq to bring democracy — but once we overthrew Saddam, we had a view of what should follow. If Don and the Pentagon had done their job (after claiming the rights to lead post-war rebuilding—things might have turned out differently).”

“Don should just stop talking,” she added. “He puts his foot in his mouth every time.”

Powell responded in agreement to Rice’s sentiments saying, “The boys in the band were brain dead."

Although it may seem quite unprofessional of Powell and Rice to have this insulting conversation about their colleagues, Rice’s chief of staff, Georgia Godfrey, claims Rice never hid how she felt and has shared her thoughts publicly.

“This is all stuff that she actually covered in her memoir, “No Higher Honor.” Not really anything new here so there’s not much to comment on. Just two friends discussing the past,” Godfrey reportedly said.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading Rice’s memoir, her criticisms are certainly new and compelling.

These strong sentiments were not brought to light when it really mattered. The Bush administration put up a united front going into the Iraq War, which we are learning was quite a façade. 

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