WATCH: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Just Got Punched In The Face

Off camera, a woman asks him “Would you marry a black woman?” but Spencer does not reply. Then, suddenly, an attacker lands a punch on the right side of his face.


A lot of white supremacists (aka members of the “alt-right” movement) are currently in Washington, D.C., to celebrate President Donald Trump’s inauguration week.

Of course, Richard Spencer – the white supremacist poster boy who rose to viral notoriety after yelling "hail Trump” with a Nazi salute at a conference in November (and wants a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of America) – was also there…

and so were thousands of other people who (understandably) don’t like him.

However, one person took his dislike of the man a bit too far when they landed a punch on his face.

The incident occurred during Spencer’s interview with ABC Washington bureau chief Zoe Daniel. He was surrounded by people who constantly interrupted his exchange.

“I’ve given conferences for ages,” he said, “and we’ll usually expect some protesters. They’ll do Silly String or something like that.”

“We’ve entered this new world where the leftist protesters…” he added before someone asked him if her was a neo-Nazi. Then off camera, a woman asked him “Would you marry a black woman?” Spencer did not reply.

It was that moment when, suddenly, a hooded attacker landed a punch on the right side of his face and ran away.

Spencer posted addressed the assault on Twitter:


Banner / Thumbnail Credit : Reuters

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