CPAC Kicked Out One White Supremacist But Welcomed Another

Don’t fall for CPAC’s act of kicking out Richard Spencer. Remember, the organizers welcomed Steve Bannon and had invited Milo Yiannapoulos before the pedophilia controversy.

Political Action Conference

Richard Spencer, the leader of the so-called alt-right white supremacist movement, was kicked out of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Security escorted out Spencer, who had bought a general pass, when the conference officials were informed of his presence.

One of the organizers, Dan Schneider, even called the alt-right "a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way into our ranks,” adding, “They are anti-Semites. They are racists.” A CPAC spokesman, Ian Walter, also billed Spencer's views "repugnant" and said they "have absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or what we do here."

Now, on the surface, it’s a brilliant move.

However, it would be wise to not credit CPAC for taking a stand for ejecting Spencer because while the organizers kicked out one white supremacist, they welcomed another with open arms.

Yes, let’s not forget CPAC invited White House strategist Steve Bannon.

Schneider called Spencer an anti-Semite and racist but what about Bannon, who is also accused of anti-Semitism and ties to white supremacists?

What about the fact that until last year Bannon headed the website, notorious for its vitriolic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, Islamophobic and mostly fake content?

Does CPAC not know that it was Bannon’s website that facilitated the so-called alt-right movement, which Spencer heads, throughout the presidential elections last year?

It’s an open secret that Bannon is using his White House position to influence Trump’s policies to start a war between Islam and the West.

So, while CPAC did the right thing by booting Spencer, it was hypocritical to keep Bannon and provide him the opportunity to air his vitriol.

Also, let’s not forget CPAC had also invited another one of alt-right’s poster boys, Milo Yiannapoulous, to the conference. Yiannapoulous, who is infamous for his racist and incendiary views, was scheduled to show up until this week. His appearance was canceled, however, after a shocking video clip of him emerged, revealing his disgusting advocacy for pedophilia.

It was then — and only then — CPAC rescinded Yiannapoulos’ invitation.

Spencer might have been thrown out but CPAC, essentially, still turned out to be a platform for many racists like him.

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