News Flash: London Attacker Khalid Masood Was NOT An Immigrant

Masood was not an immigrant. The alleged attacker was born in Kent, South East England, and the police believe he most recently lived in the West Midlands.

No sooner had the attack on London’s Westminster Bridge occurred than right-wing politicians from all over the world started bashing immigration and immigrants.

Deputy assistant to President Donald Trump Sebastian Gorka, MEP for South East England Nigel Farage and French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen (along with a multitude of other conservatives) all stressed the importance of countries stepping up their border protection and not letting in immigrants, primarily from Muslim countries, after Khalid Masood plowed his car into pedestrians and stabbed an unarmed policeman.




But they forgot one very important thing: Masood was not an immigrant. The alleged attacker was born in Kent, South East England, and the police believe he most recently lived in the West Midlands.

In fact, he was born as Adrian Russell and converted to Islam later in life.

The so-called ISIS group has claimed responsibility for the incident by issuing a statement to its Amaq news agency.

“The perpetrator of the attacks yesterday in front of the British parliament in London is an Islamic State soldier and he carried out the operation in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition,” the statement read.

However, as of yet, there is no evidence that ISIS organized the incident that killed four people.

The terrorist organization has a history of perpetuating fear by claiming responsibility for any terrorist activity in the world, regardless of the fact if there is any formal link.

In any case, Masood was born and bred in England. So, the question remains: How was he radicalized? If the threat is only external and only foreigners should be banned, then anyone who was born within the country can’t be dangerous, can they? As it turns out, they can.

It seems many of the politicians from Western countries are only catering to their xenophobic, racist whims when they ban people from Arab or African countries while completely ignoring the very real threat of homegrown terrorism.

And this biased behavior has become routine.

When a Muslim commits an atrocity, it immediately gets branded as a terrorist attack and right-wing politicians immediately start making plans to close off borders. However, when a white man commits a similar crime, he is excused because he was bullied in the past or had mental issues.

In the case of the Quebec mosque attacker, who left six people dead and 19 injured in January, many politicians and new outlets jumped at the chance to claim he must be a Muslim even before his identity was revealed. When it was discovered he was actually a French-Canadian, immediately the backlash against the alleged terrorist quieted down. In fact, not one politician who spoke up in support of the Muslim ban by Trump after the terror incident condemned the man once it was found he was white.

And obviously, no one even mentioned how to combat domestic terrorism.

Now, yet again, innocent immigrants looking for refuge from terror in their own countries will have to bear the brunt of the actions of people who are, in fact, domestically radicalized in the West.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Handout via Reuters 

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