German Right-Wing Party's Islamophobic Mosque Proposal

The xenophobic, right-wing Bavarian party has proposed a new policy against Muslims — one that violates their country’s own constitution.

Members of a right-wing anti-immigration party in Germany have proposed closing down all mosques in the country.

The Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party branch in Lower Bavaria has produced a 45-page long policy paper, “Courage to Take Responsibility,” which will be put for consideration at the party’s conference in Stuttgart in late April.

The draft document seeks to ban the “construction and operation” of mosques and claims Islam has no place in Germany. It further adds mosques are not simply prayer grounds for worship but also propagate the teachings of Islam, which is counterproductive to their legal order.

The Bavarian party acknowledges the idea violates the German constitutional right of freedom of religion, but insists the issue needs to be addressed for “religions that call for the committing of crimes ... and have the aim of world domination.”

Though the call to ban the construction of mosques is the most radical religious policy the right-wing party has come up with so far, the party has also proposed to ban niqab and burqas and to implement restrictions on imams to be taught only in German and at German universities.

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This is a familiar theme now, in both the Western countries as well as in liberal Islamic countries. The refugee arrivals, Arab Springs and the reign of terror by radical organizations have inflamed xenophobic hatred in the West.

The party leader Frauke Perry has further added fuel to the fire by stating last month that shooting migrants at the border would effectively prevent them from entering the country. AfD has also been very critical of Angela Merkel’s policies to welcome refugees, citing concerns about social stability and integration.

Germany has a population of over 4 million Muslims; the country is second only to France for hosting the largest number of Muslims in Europe. This has increased due to the influx of refugees, mostly from Syria.

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