Rio Olympic Athletes And Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

A lot of your favorite celebrities and Olympians bear striking resemblance to each other. Check out some of these uncanny twins.

If you think you saw Leonardo DiCaprio competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics, you’re not the only one.

Although the Oscar-winning actor is, of course, not participating in the games, nor visiting Brazil to watch them, some people thought they saw him on the U.S. men’s archery team.

As it turns out, it was Brady Ellison, who is a professional archer, currently competing in Rio as part of the American Olympic team.

And he is not the only Olympic athlete who bears a striking resemblance to a celebrity or other well-known public figures.

Mike Hixon and Zac Effron

Rio Olympic Athletes

American diver Mike Hixon looks like everyone’s favorite heartthrob from Disney’s "High School Musical," Zac Effron.

Kate Middleton and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

Rio 2016 Olympic

Another favorite Olympic doppelganger duo is that of French cyclist Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and the duchess of Cambridge.

Greg Rutherford and Neil Patrick Harris

Rio Olympic Athletes

British long-jumper Greg Rutherford and actor Neil Patrick Harris look like they could be twins. Don't they?

Cameron van der Burgh and Matthew Morrison

Rio Olympic Athletes

Remember Mr. Will Schuester from "Glee"? Well, a lot of people happen to think he resembles South African competitive swimmer Cameron van der Burgh.

Nathan Adrian and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rio Olympic Athletes

Fans are going gaga over swimmer Nathan Adrian, who looks like an “athletic version” of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hope Solo and Jennifer Carpenter

Rio Olympic Athletes

The similarity between the eyes of U.S. soccer star Hope Solo and that of "Dexter" actress Jennifer Carpenter is truly uncanny.

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