Months Before The Olympics, Brazil Cycleway Collapses Into The Sea

At least two people are dead in the collapse as Brazil rushes to prepare for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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As the Rio 2016 Olympics rapidly approach, a large section of a recently built bike path bridge connecting two Brazilian beach towns collapsed into the sea. At least two people died in the collapse.

Witnesses say a massive wave hit the bridge, sending a 150-foot stretch of concrete into the sea.

Local media reported that two bodies were recovered from the sea and one person was rescued, but that five people total were on the path at the time.

Brazil Cycleway Collapses


Brazil Cycleway Collapses

One victim was identified as Eduardo Marinho Albuquerque, 54. The other is a still unidentified women in her 40s.

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Government official Pedro Carvalho said it's uncertain if the bridge collapsed from structural failure.

"It's clear that an accident like this is unpardonable," he told the Globo television network.

The collapse happened just as the Olympic flame was lit in Greece to begin its worldwide journey to Rio. 

The narrow and winding bike pathway is not going to be used for any event linked to the Olympics, but was meant to improve beach access.

Brazil Cycleway Collapses

The bridge collapse is not the only problem to hit Rio recently. Economic instability, political upheaval and the outbreak of Zika virus are also major threats challenging the country’s ability to host the upcoming Olympics.

However the International Olympic Committee is still sure that the Games will be a hit and that Brazil’s plan to make the event a huge success is still within its power.

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