Rio 2016: Athletes Will Be Swimming With Human Feces And Dead Bodies

Athletes used to swimming in chlorinated pools are going to have a hard time making their way through human feces, garbage and even perchance a corpse.

The 2016 Olympic Games are all set to begin on Aug. 5, but somehow every other day a new problem surfaces from Rio de Janeiro.

In the latest news, Brazilian doctors are warning Olympic athletes to be careful of human feces and dead bodies while swimming in the open waters in Rio. This comes after various issues such as the Zika virus, high crime rates, terrorism, uninhabitable accommodation and an unstable economy have already made the headlines. Needless to say, ticket sales for the event are significantly low as a result.

“When you open up the fish, their innards are black with oil and muck,” a fisherman told The New York Times. “But we clean them with soap and eat them anyway.”

The open waters contain immense amounts of bacteria from raw sewage that is channeled into the water bodies. Competing in these conditions is extremely hard for athletes used to practicing in chlorinated swimming pools.

“Foreign athletes will literally be swimming in human crap, and they risk getting sick from all those microorganisms,” Brazilian pediatrician Dr. Daniel Becker stated.

The problem doesn’t end here. Australian sailors are having a hard time preparing for the games as rubbish lines the Guanabara Bay they are supposed to practice in.

Scientists and environmentalists have also stepped up to say that the health hazards posed by the Guanabara Bay and Copacabana Beach are much more than what they had original thought, which is obviously a pathetic condition facing the athletes only a few days away from the event.

Not surprisingly, the situation is no better when it comes to dry land. Even in the Olympic village, where athletes are supposed to be staying during the games, apartments have exposed wires, leaking ceilings, a strong smell of gas and severe plumbing problems. As a result, a number of Olympic participants have moved to nearby hotels until the conditions improve.

It is about time the organizing committee for the Olympic Games takes things into control and actually finds a quick and viable solution to all the problems facing the athletes and tourists coming to attend the event. Turning a blind eye to all the issues in Rio is just going to spell disaster for the games, and further lead Brazil to doom.

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