Rio Olympic Pools Just Can't Stop Turning Green

A second pool at the Rio Olympics has been turned into a green color this week and reasons behind the discoloration are continuing to change.

Green seems to be the new signature color of the Rio Olympics, as the water in two pools has mysteriously changed to reflect the hue. 

On Tuesday, the crystal clear blue water turned green at the Olympic diving pool and now the same thing has happened to the water polo pool, Vox reported.

Olympic organizers previously reported that the diving pool turned green due to a “proliferation of algae,” but a spokesperson with FINA, the International Swimming Federation, is now claiming the change in color is because of the alteration in alkalinity.

Rio spokesman Mario Andrada told the Los Angeles Times, “A sudden change in alkalinity, that was the reason. The water polo pool has been affected the same way. pH levels are at the required standard. We treated both pools in the night and the alkalinity levels have improved; we expect the color to be back to blue soon. People in charge could and should have done more intensive testing during the day.”

FINA also offered an explanation for the strange discoloration at the diving pool, but no word yet on the change of color in the water polo pool.

The statement read, “FINA can confirm that the reason for the unusual water color observed during the Rio diving competitions is that the water tanks ran out of some of the chemicals used in the water treatment process. As a result, the pH level of the water was outside the usual range, causing the discoloration.”

This sudden change of color in two of the Olympic pools almost feels like a practical joke someone pulled on all of us, but an unsanitary pool is no laughing matter. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Antonio Bronic

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