France’s Asian Community Protests After Police Kill Chinese Immigrant

Anti-police protests broke out in Paris after an officer allegedly killed an Asian immigrant in front of his family.

Riots against police brutality broke out in northeast Paris, France, over the fatal shooting of a Chinese immigrant in front of his family.

According to the reports, three police officers came to Shaoyo Liu’s flat and shot him dead.

The police claim they were called to the residence by a neighbor over a family dispute. When Liu opened the door he had a “bladed weapon” in his hand with which he allegedly tried to attack a police officer.

Another police officer then opened fire to protect his colleague. 

However, the family refuses to accept these claims considering another conflicting account of what had happened.

According to one of Liu’s daughters, her father had gone to the door holding a pair of scissors because he had been using them to prepare fish. She added he had not attacked anyone.

"They smashed the door in, the shot went off and my father ended up on the floor," the grieving daughter lamented.

Scores of people, including a large number of Chinese immigrants, took to the streets to protest the brutal murder at the hands of a French police official.

Demonstrators clashed with officials, one car was reportedly set on fire and chants of “murderers” were loud outside the police station.

Protesters held banners reading, “For peace and justice, against violence," during the protests.

Some of them even broke down barricades, threw projectiles and used fire crackers. At least 35 demonstrators were arrested.

China summoned a representative of the French embassy in Beijing for an explanation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying urged French officials to “get to the bottom of the incident as soon as possible.”

The Chinese community is believed to be France’s largest minority population. According to Pierre Picquart, an expert on China at the University of Paris VIII, 2 million people of Chinese origin live in France — a country with a population of about 66 million.

The deceased was 56 years old and left five children behind.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Noemie Olive

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