Dear RNC, Comparing Two Alleged Sexual Predators Isn't 'Disrespectful'

Comparing two alleged sexual assaulters isn't "disrespectful." Bragging about rape, saying "grab 'em by the p****" and calling it "locker room talk" at 60 is.



It's astounding how the Republican National Committee has found a way to differentiate U.S. President Donald Trump, a man accused of sexual misconduct by several women, from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, another man accused of sexual misconduct by several women.

In a heated interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said it was "disrespectful" to compare Weinstein to Trump.

"It's not even comparable though," she said. "I mean, Harvey Weinstein brought women up to his hotel rooms. To even make that comparison is a disrespectful to the president. He didn't have eight settlements. He didn't have women coming forward saying ... I mean, Harvey Weinstein admits that he did that. This isn't even comparable."

Obviously, what Romney McDaniel said was incorrect because at least 15 women accused Trump of groping, forcibly kissing or assaulting them.

Thankfully, Blitzer pointed that out. He even played the infamous "Access Hollywood" tapes in which Trump could be heard bragging about grabbing women's genitals.

However, Romney McDaniel even had a response to those allegations as she said "the difference" was that Trump "apologized for that" and "many Republicans came out and said those comments weren't appropriate."

What Romney McDaniel forgot to mention was that while delivering the so-called apology for the "Access Hollywood" tapes, Trump said his intention to sexually assault a woman was "locker room talk," which means he actually defended his comments instead of regretting them .

Weinstein, a Hollywood film bigwig, has been accused of sexually manipulating women for decades.

Trump, also formerly a big name in entertainment media, has been accused of sexually exploiting women for decades.

Comparing both of them is certainly not disrespectful.

Disrespectful is when a 60-year-old man says he was to grab women "by the p****" and calls it high-school banter.

If there is one glaring difference between the two, it is that Weinstein was fired after The New York Times published an article detailing his abuse while Trump, for some inexplicable reasons, still has his job.

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