Far-Right Fabulist Alex Jones Crashes 'Young Turks' Show, Chaos Ensues

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones stormed the set of the progressive "The Young Turks" show with a GOP lackey, setting off a scuffle.



Radio host Alex Jones barged into progressive liberal internet broadcaster “The Young Turks” live coverage from the GOP convention, cutting them off and challenging their host, Cenk Uygur, over his support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jones tried pushing a T-shirt bearing a picture of former President Bill Clinton with the word “RAPE” written underneath at Uygur, but Uygur snatched it away and grabbed Jones’ InfoWars microphone.

“You know who was accused in court papers of being a rapist?” Uygur asked. “Donald J. Trump.”

TYT producers attempted to clear the people gathered from the set as Jones made snide remarks about Uygur being “really upset.”

The interruption devolved into harsh words being volleyed around, quickly followed by a full on scuffle that almost came to blows when GOP consultant Roger Stone joined the chaos.

Uygur tossed the Clinton T-shirt Jones had given him away as the shouting match continued.

“Saudi Arabians aren’t funny enough… A little jihad,” Jones shouted.

A visibly agitated Uygur rose to his feet and took off his earpiece to face Jones.

“Hey. First of all. Let me explain something. All right,” Uygur could be heard. “This is b*******! We’re against Saudi Arabia you dumb***! We talk about that all the time!”

An upset Uygur called Stone “sick man” and "the biggest liar in media."

Jones tried gaining sympathies from the internet by sharing the whole incident online and saying that Uygur “went into an emotional breakdown after being challenged to a debate.” He did not mention how he barged in to another show and disrupted it.

But the internet isn’t so easily fooled.






Amazingly, Stone challenged the TYT team calling Uygur a “loser” and telling him that nobody watches TYT.

That’s some misplaced confidence as TYT double the number of viewers of Alex Jones’ channel.

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