RNC OK With Keeping Money From Alleged Sexual Predator Steve Wynn

After denouncing Harvey Weinstein and Democrats who took his money, the RNC is refusing to give Finance Chair Steve Wynn's money away after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

It seems that many Republicans are OK with accepting money from alleged sexual predators, despite having criticized Democrats for doing the same.

After The Wall Street Journal reported that the Republican National Committee's (RNC) Finance Chair Steve Wynn had been named in several reports of alleged sexual harassment, the real estate businessman and casino magnate stepped down from his position within the organization. But his money, however, stayed.

Now, the GOP is claiming that his millions of dollars will only be given back if Wynn is officially found guilty of any wrongdoing.

As Uproxx reports, Republicans have rightly condemned Harvey Weinstein for his sexual misconduct. However, they also used the stories of sexual abuse tied to the Hollywood producer to accuse Democrats of being in bed with a serial sexual predator as he was known for donating to the Democratic Party.

Many Democrats who did, indeed, receive donations from Weinstein eventually donated money to charity organizations dedicated to helping victims of sexual violence. But the RNC has yet to become detached from Wynn by donating the millions of dollars he brought the political organization.

To be fair, some Republican lawmakers denounced Wynn and called upon colleagues to return the money they received from the businessman.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is one of them.

“We should do of ourselves what we ask of the Democratic Party, if these allegations have merit,” Graham said.

Still, the RNC has refused to do the right thing.

Wynn, who has donated big to President Donald Trump’s campaign, has given millions of dollars to the RNC over the years. Meanwhile, he has only donated $30,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He's also donated to Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, but has given Republican lawmakers, such as Sen. Tom Cotton, Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Jeff Flake, and many others thousands more. Unfortunately, most of these lawmakers now stand silent.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told reporters that while The WSJ accusations are troubling, the allegations must amount to criminal charges before the organization is ready to part with Wynn’s money.

As Uproxx noted, this is quite an odd response to the allegations as the organization she chairs called on Democrats to return Weinstein’s donations even though Weinstein had not been formally charged.

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