RNC To Staffers: Support Trump Or Get Out

The Republican National Committee is set on supporting the GOP nominee.

Now that Donald Trump is effectively the Republican nominee, Republican leaders and officials have finally woken up from their denial—with no chance of a contested convention, Trump is their only option.

This has led to numerous GOP leaders and voters proclaiming on social media that they will not be uniting behind the nominee. In some instances, officials even stated that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton instead.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), however, is unwilling to prioritize ideals and morals over the future and power of the party. RNC chair Reince Priebus has said that the RNC will do its best to unify the party and back Trump, and according to the New York Times, has no patience for staffers unwilling to follow suit.

The NYT reports that, “Some staff members at the Republican National Committee were told Wednesday that if they were unable to get behind the nominee, they should leave by the end of the week.”

This is perhaps to combat the tepid support received from other senators, House representatives, and governors—the Times attempted to reach out to 80 of these congressional leaders for comment and only received responses from 20, who essentially plead neutrality.

Trump is an extremely divisive figure, and without support from his own party, he has no hope of winning the general election, which is perhaps why the RNC is pushing so hard to garner full-fledged support from its own staff at the very least.

With former presidents such as George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush abstaining from commenting on the race and attending the Republican National Convention, along with former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly how fractured the GOP will ultimately become.

However, if the RNC has anything to say about it, the party should attempt to unify as best it can.

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