Twitter Mocks RNC’s Attempt To Troll DNC With Fake Meeting Schedule

The Republican National Committee tweeted out a satirical "schedule" of Democratic Party events. Their joke missed the mark, as other users pointed out.

President Donald Trump, right, stands onstage beside Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel during an RNC event.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) tried to troll its political counterpart on Thursday evening by releasing a satirical “summer meeting schedule” that they said the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had put together.

Yet after they published their “joke,” many users on Twitter commented that it had missed the mark, with many saying that the GOP’s attempts at humor were just, to borrow a phrase from their party’s leader, “sad.”

The lineup of events included titles like "Breaking the ICE," "Softball Questions," "Running on Fumes," and a "Stronger Together Dinner" that features Hillary Clinton talking about her emails.

The jokes were not received well by users, who replied with their disdain for the tweet.

Others pointed out that, while the RNC Twitter account was making jokes, they were totally disregarding recent news events, including revelations from President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, which seemingly implicate the Republican commander-in-chief with committing a crime.

Whether classless or just simply missing the mark, the GOP’s Twitter joke was a complete waste of time. Having a debate or promoting an issue is a good way for a social media account run by a political party to behave. Even criticizing the DNC for an actual policy position or recent statement would have been somewhat more acceptable.

But this paltry excuse for a joke reads more like a page from a teenager’s notebook than an actual post from a political party. Perhaps the RNC is trying a new approach to appease its base of support — tweeting out snarky images and jokes in order to behave boorishly like Trump.

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