Amateur Shoplifter Is Mocked By Police On Facebook

“When you make it this easy, it takes all the fun out of chasing bad guys!” read the post.

A shoplifter, who nicked a few things from a pawnshop in Georgia, apparently annoyed the police officers to the extent that they ended up "lamenting" about it on Facebook.

The officers are miffed because the culprit's lazy attempt to shoplift took all the fun out of solving the mystery.

The robber, who was most likely an amateur one, apparently gave the pawn shop clerk everything that was needed to trace him, from his driver's license to a fingerprint on the pawn ticket.

And that’s not all — he was also caught on camera. He actually did all the work for the police himself. 

What the Georgia police wanted was more of a challenge. Sadly, the sluggish shoplifter didn’t give them the chance. The department took to Facebook to make an important (read: sarcastic) request:

In another post the very next day, the police kept the sarcasm going, explaining that the thief was as bad at hide and seek as he was at stealing. And that he was picked up by the morning watch officers within no time.

Apart from the comic Facebook status messages, the department confirmed that the drugs and other property stolen from the pawn shop were discovered.    

What followed these posts was a thread of hilarious comments.

“Just as bad at hide and seek as he is at stealing hahahahaha yalls social media person deserves a raise!!!” commented Harrison Levy on Facebook.

“He spoiled all the fun of the chase, didn't he?! MPD, you guys rock. Thanks for your service!” wrote Wendy Treadaway commending the department for all their efforts.

“Love these posts! Comic relief is much appreciated,” remarked Brad Norman on the lighthearted side of the police force.

With so many negative cop stories making headlines lately, stories like these — telling us about the jovial side of the police force — are definitely much needed.  

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