Trump Donor Robert Mercer Put $2M Into Ads Warning Of Islam Takeover

Mercer backed a group that created hyperbolic videos meant to send voters concerned about radical Islam into the arms of the President Donald Trump campaign.

Eccentric multimillionaire and conservative donor Robert Mercer poured about $2 million into a group that created political ads meant to stoke fears of a global takeover of radical Islam, the Center for Responsive Politics reported

The dystopian but rather silly videos look like mock travel ads, greeting "visitors" to various Western cities that have been transformed into theocratic states run by Sharia law. 

“Welcome to the Islamic state of France,” one video begins.

The minute-long film proceeds to show the Eiffel Tower topped with the Islamic star and crescent, the Notre Dame cathedral turned into a Mosque, the Mona Lisa wearing a veil, and a man being shot in the head. 

The political ads, placed on Google and Facebook by a social welfare group called Secure America Now, came out just weeks before the 2016 presidential election and were strategically targeted at swing states like Nevada and North Carolina. 

Other videos were titled the "Islamic State of Germany" and the "Islamic States of America," showing basically the same theme. 


Tax documents obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics show money for the group came mostly from just three donors, with Mercer being the biggest. 

Mercer is a notorious hedge fund investor who spent millions in 2016 helping President Donald Trump clinch the White House. He has been a major financial backer of Breitbart and the data firm Cambridge Analytica, and he has long been associated with the likes of Steve Bannon.  

After news of Mercer's connection to Secure America Now was reported, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for the Federal Election Commission and IRS to investigate the group.

"While these bigoted ads did not mention a specific candidate, it does not take a brain surgeon to realize that there was only one presidential candidate that based his campaign on anti-Muslim fear-mongering," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "We urge the FEC and IRS to investigate whether these clandestine ads violated federal election or tax laws."

Mercer's newly-discovered connection to these videos shows another element of his creepy mission to exploit populism in America. The secretive, emotionally-stunted man is proving himself to be one the darkest forces in America. Whatever his ends, funding the creation of these obnoxious ads meant to manipulate the minds of the most gullible reveals an Orwellian tendency for which he feels no shame. 

The other donors included Ronald Lauder, the heir to the Esetee Lauder Companies and president of the World Jewish Congress, who gave $1.1 million to Secure America Now and 45Committee, a pro-Trump PAC, which also pumped $2 million.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Pascal Rossignol

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