Deputy Allegedly Chokes Teen Son After He Asks For Money

"He should be investigated and treated just as the people you arrest under same circumstances.....No special favors."


A sheriff’s deputy from Volusia County, Florida, was arrested after he reportedly put his son into a headlock, causing the son to lose consciousness.

Sgt. Robert Rahn, 50, was charged with child abuse and domestic battery strangulation after deputies at the department received a call that reported a man “beating his son within an inch of his life.”

According to sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Gant, Rahn attacked his 16-year-old son when he asked him for some money to spend time with his friends. He allegedly pushed his son to the couch and punched him.

He also covered his son’s mouth and nose, rendering him unconscious. After Rahn’s arrest, he was placed on administrative leave (read: paid vacation).  

However, the deputy claims that when he refused to give money, his son got aggressive and placed his arms around his neck which made it difficult for him to breathe. That is when he attacked him.

However, the claim turns out to be false as the teen recorded the incident in which Rahn can be heard approaching him aggressively. 

Whatever the reason, beating up a teen can’t be justified. People on social media were outraged to learn that Rahn was placed on paid leave after the incident.

“Paid leave are you kidding! If that happened to anyone else we would never see the light of day again or our child and lose our job WITHOUT pay! Sickening!” said Nicole King, a commenter.

Another one said, “He should be investigated and treated just as the people you arrest under same circumstances.....No special favors.”

“Paid leave!?!?!? This is an officer that is to uphold the law. He broke it, was arrested, taken to jail and is getting PAID!?!?!?! Well damn. The next person they arrest they should cover their wages. Why are they being held to a different standard?” said another commenter Christina Darwin.

Child abuse is a worldwide issue, affecting children in the United States and abroad.

According to the World Health Organization, one in five women and one in 13 men have reported being sexually abused as children. Child maltreatment can have long-term repercussions on someone's mental and physical health, as high levels of stress can take their toll on nervous and immune systems.

It is terrifying to think that people who are meant to enforce laws are the ones breaking it in such a violent manner.

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