Robocall For California GOP Candidate Claims ‘Jews Must Be Stopped’

As the issue has sparked public outrage, congressional candidate John Fitzgerald addressed it on Facebook, claiming he is not responsible for the call or associated with its distributor.

An automated calling system supporting California congressional candidate John Fitzgerald is promoting anti-Semitic rhetoric.

According to Fast Forward, the robocall is telling people that Jews are taking over the world and that they “must be stopped.”

The issue was brought to light by Robert Gammon — business development director for Telegraph Media — who tweeted about receiving one of the offensive calls from the GOP candidate. He asserted that the call was “easily the most racist political ad I’ve ever come across in the Bay Area.”

It’s not far-fetched to believe that Fitzgerald would distribute such calls as he is a fervid Holocaust-denier.

His campaign website pedals the false claims that 9 percent of government officials in the United States are dual citizens of Israel and that Jews played a “prominent role” in the African slave trade. The site also praises an elderly German woman who was sent to prison for two years for her Holocaust denial.

The Republican Party has rejected Fitzgerald’s anti-Semitic views as well as his candidacy. However, his campaign is moving forward without their support.

“Why is the holocaust the ONLY historical issue that cannot be questioned without fear of fines and/or imprisonment in eighteen countries — and counting — throughout the world?” Fitzgerald wrote back in May, according to Fast Forward.

As the issue has sparked public outrage, Fitzgerald addressed the robocall on Facebook, claiming he is not responsible for the call or associated with the individual, "Road to Power," who distributed it. 

How convenient, a rogue organization just so happened to take it upon themselves to push out a promotional ad that coincidentally aligns with Fitzgerald's anti-Jewish views. 

The congressional hopeful may or may not be telling the truth about not having involvement with the call, however, he certainly didn't commit to having anything done about it. 

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