Roger Ailes Allegedly Wanted People To Beat The S**t Out Of A Reporter

Multiple unidentified sources have now confirmed that the former Fox News Chief supposedly wanted to have a journalist physically attacked.

Roger Ailes is back in this news, but this time it’s not about his alleged sexual harassment history, now he wants to violently attack a journalist.

The former Fox News chief allegedly said that he wanted a reporter to be physically assaulted after he wrote a controversial book two years ago about Ailes, The Daily Beast reported.

Gabriel Sherman, a journalist and author, wrote his 2014 unauthorized biography, "The Loudest Voice in the Room," about Ailes, and it unveiled the story of his troubled past including his violent and sexual harassment attacks on others.

“I know where he lives, and I’m gonna [sic] send people to beat the s**t out of him,” Ailes said.

According to The Daily Beast, Sherman wrote in the juicy book, “As executive producer of NBC’s "Tomorrow" late-night show starring Tom Snyder, Ailes hired a twenty-something female segment producer named Randi Harrison who told Ailes that his $400-a-week salary offer was too low. “If you agree to have sex with me whenever I want I will add an extra hundred dollars a week,” Ailes allegedly responded. 

Gabriel Sherman

At a 1989 campaign fundraiser for Rudy Guiliani, “Ailes is alleged to have violently attacked a group of AIDS activists, helping drag protester Kathy Ottersten down a flight of stairs.”

“It’s alarming that anyone would threaten violence against a journalist, even more so given that Ailes claimed to have run a news network employing journalists," Sherman said.

The author was allegedly part of Ailes’ private investigation to retaliate against his enemies in the news media and in politics.

“I was also the target of an operation, a source told me,” Sherman wrote. “One source also said private investigators employed by Fox contributor Bo Dietl were instructed to follow me and my wife.” 

It’s alarming to know that Ailes got away with sexual harassment and violent abuse on others for so many years and news is just now breaking about his unforgivable history. 

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