Roger Federer Singing With His Boy Band Is Everything

Roger Federer is not only a champ at tennis, he can sing too.

Tennis legend Roger Federer was not joking when he said he would create a boy band with tennis friends Grigor Dimitrov and Tommy Haas. Earlier this year, Federer even uploaded a video of the trio singing, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by the American rock band Chicago.

The trio was participating in the Australian Open where Federer won the 18th Grand Slam title and informed his fans about his other passion: singing.

Some fans praised Dimitrov, Haas and Federer for their amusing yet energetic performance while some mocked them.

Famous Grammy Award music producer David Foster, who helped the men by playing the piano, took a jab at them on Instagram. He tried to guide them on the musical notes, which the amateur singers naturally missed.


Later, the Swiss tennis legend agreed that the performance was a bit off-key — after all, they were all new to the singing department.

“I thought it was terrible acoustics in that room you know," Federer said when asked on court about whose voice wasn’t on pitch. 

But the tennis star was pretty serious about forming a boy band. Nearly two months later, he shared another video on Twitter. The vocals are definitely better this time and the video had a surprise guest performance by none other than world No. 2 Novak Djokovic. 


Djokovic, who is known for his great sense of humor, hilariously video-bombed the trio from another location.   

Foster also looked happier this time with the boys taking his instructions while singing.

“I actually didn't know the lyrics very well, so we were reading on the iPhone. And next thing you know, it's like, this is too funny not to put it on social media,” said Federer about the first video. “So we put it out there. People had a blast over it, laughed at us and I thought it was great.

“As we regrouped here, we thought we could do it again, but this time kind of on a playback, making the boys actually sound nice and not like cats and dogs singing, like in Australia,” he added. “Now it sounds somewhat OK. It’s still so bad, yet I think it's actually so good.”

The Indian Wells tennis fans did not get the opportunity of seeing their favorite player in action after Australian Nick Kyrgios pulled out of his quarterfinal following food poisoning, but they were really happy to see the athlete’s singing skills.  

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