A 'Rogue POTUS' Account Is Allegedly Tweeting White House Secrets

Trump used Twitter as one of his greatest weapons during his campaign to power but it appears it has become a weapon that can be used against him as well.

President Donald Trump is known for being blatantly vocal on Twitter. Since declaring his presidency in June 2015, he has used the social media platform to spearhead his political campaign.

On various occasions he has insulted presidential candidates, journalists, news organizations, nations and even a lectern in the Oval Office.

However, this time his favorite weapon — one that he uses to disseminate “alternative facts” — is being used against him.

Since his inauguration day, various Twitter accounts have emerged apparently dedicated to revealing the “real” Donald Trump.

One such account is Rogue POTUS Staff, which is claiming to be the unofficial resistance team inside the White House. The account, which is asking people to “resist,” has gone viral in just a few days with over 400,000 followers already. The accounting is allegedly tweeting inside information on Donald Trump from the White House.

The account is run by unknown, unhappy people who are supposedly working for the Trump administration. They assert that they are risking their jobs to provide the truth to the public.  

The account accuses Trump of making racist remarks about Muslims and of “getting payments from foreign governments,” and claims he was overheard yelling “Don’t they know I’m the f--king president?!”

The account's tweets address the controversial new immigration ban, relations with Russia, Mexico border wall, alleged voter fraud and Obamacare.

Here are some of the bizarre “insider” tweets:





Allegedly the president was asking around about people's Photoshop skills as the inauguration photos need to be “touched up.”


The account stated that Trump reportedly said, "Why should I give a damn about muzzie canucks?"

The term refers to Muslim Canadians, and was tweeted the day after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec, which killed six Islamic men.


The users also revealed a number of messages from Twitter asking if they've forgotten their password — indicating that someone has been trying to access their account.


The tweets have shed light on the possible future acts of the president, after he made number extreme changes to U.S. policy just days into his presidency. A few of the tweets speak to the nature of Trump's mental state during his first two weeks as president, and the residual effect on the White House staff.

There’s no way to verify the authenticity of the newly minted Twitter channel. However, the popularity of the account and the leaked “inside” news should be concerning for the newly sworn in Trump administration.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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