Rohingya Mother Recounts How Burmese Soldiers Burnt Her Baby Alive

"In the next violent blur of moments, the soldiers clubbed Rajuma in the face, tore her screaming child out of her arms and hurled him into a fire."

As Myanmar's security forces continue to drive out Muslim Rohingya from northern Rakhine state, bone-chilling stories of the besieged community's homes being torched and people being tortured and murdered continue to emerge.

One of the most disturbing ones was recently narrated by a young Rohingya woman, Rajuma, to The New York Times' Jeffrey Gettleman.

In late August, a group of soldiers in Myanmar apprehended Rajuma as she clutched her baby in her arms.

“You,” she recalled the soldiers saying while pointing at her.

 As she held even more tightly to her child.

"In the next violent blur of moments, the soldiers clubbed Rajuma in the face, tore her screaming child out of her arms and hurled him into a fire," Gettleman wrote. "She was then dragged into a house and gang-raped."

Rajuma now lives in a refugee camp in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh, along with 800,000 other Rohingya Muslims, who escaped the genocidal campaign in Myanmar.

As stated above, Rajuma's ordeal is just one of the many horrific accounts emerging from Myanmar, where the military is not even sparing children.

Early in September, eyewitnesses revealed how little children belonging to the ethnic community were being "beheaded" at the hands of Burmese soldiers.

Myanmar security forces have driven out half a million Muslim Rohingya from northern Rakhine state since late August and countless others have been raped, tortured and killed.

To make matters worse, the Burmese government has also blocked U.N. aid agencies from delivering food, water and medicine to the Rohingyas.

There is increasing criticism from across the globe of Myanmar and its de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who, despite being a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has remained complicit in the violence.

Although the Burmese government has maintained the ongoing military operation against the Rohingya community began in response to alleged Rohingya militant attacks, a recent U.N. report has found the crackdown was carefully planned.

“Credible information indicates that the Myanmar security forces purposely destroyed the property of the Rohingyas, scorched their dwellings and entire villages in northern Rakhine State, not only to drive the population out in droves but also to prevent the fleeing Rohingya victims from returning to their homes,” the report states, according to The Guardian.

"The campaign was 'well-organized, coordinated and systematic' and began with Rohingya men under 40 being arrested a month earlier, creating a 'climate of fear and intimidation,'" the newspaper added.

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