Video Shows Rider Grabbing Competitor’s Brakes During Bike Race

In a desperate attempt to win, Moto2 rider Romano Fenati pulled rival Stefano Manzi’s bike’s brake lever.


Moto2 rider Romano Fenati was so desperate to win the Moto race grand pix he decided to put another racer’s life in danger. His behavior was nasty to say the least, and it was all recorded on camera.

In the footage, Fenati can be seen riding for the 12th spot but he wasn’t the only one, as rival rider Stefano Manzi was giving him a tough time while competing for the spot.

Naturally, riders often experience moments of road-rage, but what Fenati did to Manzi can only be defined as disgusting. The former was riding at an incredible speed of 140mph when he attempted to pull the latter’s bike’s brakes.

Manzi can be seen losing his balance; he could have lost his life. Thankfully, the Italian rider regained his balance, but later he crashed at Turn 10.

Fenati was immediately fined with a black flag.

"This is unbelievable. Are you kidding me? That's where you tell him, 'go pack your bag and we'll see you next year'. That's ridiculous," said former MotoGP rider Colin Edwards of Fenati’s attempt of putting “somebody's life in danger.”

 The rider reportedly has been disqualified from the race and was also slapped with a two-race penalty. Those races will take place in Aragon or Buriram. However, people think the fine is not enough and the racer should be banned for life.

The rider was clearly cheating while trying to overtake his competitor and he wasn’t even being discreet about it.

Meanwhile, Andrea Dovizioso went on to win for Ducati after defeating world champion Marc Marquez, increasing his MotoGP championship lead to 67 points.

Racers and lovers of the game were highly disappointed with Fenati’s move and they slammed him on Twitter. Some even wanted him to be jailed for attempted murder.












Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Max Rossi

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