Ron Paul Blames Racist, Anti-Semitic Cartoon Tweet On Staffer

In true Republican fashion, Ron Paul addressed the issue by placing blame on someone else — an unnamed staff member — for an insulting post after facing backlash.

Republican politician and former Texas congressman Ron Paul found himself needing to do swift damage control after tweeting and deleting a racist political cartoon.

The cartoon depicts “Cultural Marxism” punching Uncle Sam in the face. The singular giant fist in the illustration is shared by four individuals, including a Jewish man; a black man; an Asian man; and a man who appears to be either Latino or Native American. All of them have very exaggerated features derived from stereotypes about each ethnic group.

For example, the black man has exaggerated lips and ape-like features, the Jewish man has a large hook nose and is wearing a yarmulke, the Asian man has extremely slanted eyes and protruding teeth, and the fourth man has a unibrow and resembles a Neanderthal.

“Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?” Paul wrote in the tweet. “Well, it’s not an accident. You’ve probably heard of ‘cultural Marxism,’ but do you know what it means?”

In true Republican fashion, Paul addressed the issue by placing blame on someone else — an unnamed staff member — for the insulting post after facing backlash.

"Earlier today a staff member inadvertently posted an offensive cartoon on my social media," Paul tweeted. "I do not make my own social media posts and when I discovered the mistake it was immediately deleted."

Despite his lackluster explanation, the damage had already been done. Paul’s Twitter handle had already seen an influx of criticism and rebuke. 

After deleting the first post, Paul's account tweeted the same message with a different image that simply depicted the words "Political Correctness" with a red circle and line running through it in the form of a "No Smoking" sign. 

It should be noted, though, that in his damage control efforts Paul never actually apologized on behalf of himself or the so-called staffer.

Even if he said he was sorry now, it would just seem disingenuous. He likely knew about the post in the first place and saw nothing wrong with it. After all, what better way to illustrate your disdain for political correctness than to post the most politically incorrect image you can find?   

 Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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